UV curable

Digital UV curing inks are designed to print a wide range of substrates with the benefit of instant drying. This allows high-speed printing of non-porous substrates with excellent print definition and detail.

Sensient has developed a range of functional UV curing inks designed to revolutionize production processes in industrial applications.

SensiJet Garnet


Where cost, time and space are at a premium, SensiJet Garnet has been formulated to use fast UV flashbulb cure, allowing rapid printing. SensiJet Garnet offers excellent adhesion and durability when printed on non-porous substrates, the printed ink is highly chemically resistant, allowing use in advanced processes.

SensiJet Pyrite


Designed for printing decorative patterns onto stainless steel plates and rollers, SensiJet Pyrite is a highly innovative functional ink allowing an etch resist pattern to be applied to stainless steel. Pyrite can also be used as an etch resist in electronics and other applications and offers excellent adhesion as well as showing excellent resistance to typical steel etches.