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ElvaJet® Opal

ElvaJet Opal


  • Easy installation and start-up
  • Fast drying on uncoated papers
  • High transfer efficiency
  • Incomparable open time and start to print

ElvaJet Opal is a series of digital sublimation inks ready to transform the way you consider transfer printing. Delivering the best in color strength including Sensient Signature Black, combined with outstanding stability, latency and printing performance, ElvaJet Opal is a truly industrial solution.

Based on a complete renovation of the core dispersion and using specialist materials, ElvaJet Opal delivers the best in color vibrancy with excellent print stability over long runs. The advanced technology allows for increased performance in production printing, minimizing the need for maintenance.

ElvaJet Opal aims to give all users across applications from sportswear and flag & banner to fashion access to the best productivity and performance from their ink. Offering versatility across printhead technologies Opal is the solution for every sublimation printer.

ElvaJet Opal demonstrates significant production and economic advantages by allowing you to use less ink whilst maintaining the best in color and print performance.

  • Concentrated inks giving color brilliance
  • Sensient signature black
  • Outstanding running performance over extended print runs
  • Optimized ink release 
  • Excellent print durability
  • Reduced consumption of ink, water and energy

How to use


The ElvaJet Opal series has been tested on the most frequently used printers, the suitability of the inks for individual machines and models needs however to be validated by the user.

If the inks dry in the nozzles, the normal cleaning procedure built into the printer should be applied. It is recommended to use our specific cleaning solution Sensient Universal Flush WB.


For optimal printing, the relative humidity rate must be kept at 55% or higher and the ambient temperature should be around 20°C (70°F).


ElvaJet Opal inks are designed for transfer to the substrate via any type of sublimation transfer paper or film. Once printed, the transfer paper should be handled with care and the ink transferred to the fabric as soon as possible after printing.

To obtain a good color transfer and fixing, the printed substrate should be transferred at 210°C (410°F) for 30s.


ElvaJet Opal SC is compatible with the following printhead technologies:

KYOCERA, Panasonic, Konica Minolta


Shelf life

Inks should be stored in a controlled environment at a temperature between 10-30°C. If stored under these recommended conditions, the inks have a shelf life of 12 months.


Substrate: 170 g/m2, 100 % Polyester
Printing resolution: 600 dpi
Transfer conditions: 210°C (410°F) for 30 seconds
The light fastness has been measured at 100% and 10% coverage. All other fastness properties have been measured at 100% coverage. In certain cases, where a chemical pre-treatment has been applied to the fabric or it has been saturated with color, the substrate may perform better in fastness testing after washing. Optimized ink limiting and color profiling will limit this requirement.

The following inks are available

Name Code
Product Light Water (severe) Washing (60°C) Persp. (acid) Persp. (alkali) Rubbing (dry) Rubbing (wet)

IISO 105 /B02 100% / 10% ISO 105 /E01 ch./st. ISO 105 /C03 ch./st. ISO 105 /E04 -ch./st. ISO 105 /E04 ch./st. ISO 105 /X12 ch./st. ISO 105 /X12 ch./st.
Opal SC Yellow 6+ / 6 4-5 / 4-5 4-5 / 4-5 4-5 / 4-5 4-5 / 4-5 4-5 4-5
Opal SC Magenta 6 / 6 4-5 / 4-5 4-5 / 4-5 4-5 / 4-5 4-5 / 4-5 4-5 4-5
Opal SC Cyan 6 / 6 4-5 / 4-5 4-5 / 4-5 4-5 / 4-5 4 / 4-5 4 4-5
Opal SC Black 6+ / 6 4-5 / 4 4-5 / 4 4-5 / 4 4-5 / 4 4 4-5

ch : change: , st. : staining

Garment roll to roll printing

Garment roll to roll

In high end fashion turn your creativity into a production reality with bold colours and sharp detail. Stand out from the crowd with superior colour and application performance offering consistency of quality in all aspects of your print. The world leading Sensient ink allow an extraordinary color palette to transform your designs whilst maintaining maximum printer performance and printhead lifetime.

Sports apparel

Sports apparel

Made to meet market requirements for strong and lasting colors independently of use. Sports and swimm wear is often exposed to sun, chlorine and perspiration and it requires frequent washing. This is harsh treatment for the prints that make the clothing come to life.
Formulated using carefully tailored dye chemistry to give excellent colour vibrancy, extended gamut and consistent colour density, The Elvajet sublimation inks and Xennia Agate have been to give maximum application performance, to ensure your designs stand out in every way.

Flags and Banners

Flags and Banners

Digital printing delivers flags and banners, where the deep and intense colors shimmer in the sun. Lighter materials reduce costs, give incredible effects and are extremely versatile in use. Sensient is uniquely placed to offer solutions to sign shops and flag producers of all sizes to meet their specific requirements. Able to offer inks depending on the application and requirements, Sensient ensures the best result in each case.