Wohlfühlklima ohne Energieverluste durch innovatives Fenstersystem




  • Large reduction in water consumption
  • In excess of 50% savings on energy
  • CO2 emissions reduced by up to 90%

Pioneering sustainable digital printing

Polyester Fashion
Sensient is transforming the textile decoration market with a revolutionary process of digital printing directly onto polyester fabric.  Sensient's sustainable inkjet solution dramatically reduces water consumption, taking sustainability in textile printing to the next level.

Alpha is a groundbreaking, patented chemistry platform allowing textile decorators to reduce the need for water within a printing environment. Highly innovative inks combined with a new approach to textile processing allow users to reduce highly expensive and closely legislated procedures and replace them with a clean, green and ultra-efficient method of printing.
Ideally suited to lightweight fashion polyester, Alpha technology allows direct printing of the fabric without the need for a chemical pre-treatment process or any requirement for steaming and washing consistent with the laborious methods required for tradition direct printing of polyester. Adaptable to any industrial print head, Alpha technology can be fine-tuned for maximum production reliability in single pass or industrial scanning inkjet printers. Compliant with all recognized textile regulatory bodies, Alpha represents the start of a truly sustainable process and the beginning of a revolution in textile printing.

Alpha technology meets and exceeds the high demands of the fashion industry:

  • Excellent quality of the print with high sharpness and detail
  • Consistent and vibrant color intensity
  • Good resistance and wash fastness
  • High control of ink penetration

Sensient - Inks with proven performance in industrial digital printing. Optimize your production processes through

  • Visual Excellence – vivid colors, high definition
  • Increased Productivity – printing speed as never seen before
  • Total Reliability – where you need it, when you need it
  • Eco Sustainability – the true environmental solution

Printing & Process
Inks based on Alpha technology are printed directly onto the polyester textile and thermally set. Unlike traditional direct disperse inks, Alpha technology does not require a steaming or washing process resulting in a more sustainable and environmentally responsible process.
To obtain a good fixation, it is recommended to thermally set the printed substrate at 210°C (410°F) for 30s.
In order to achieve optimum results, it may be appropriate to use a light pre-treatment. Please contact your local Sensient contact to discuss specific requirements for your process to achieve optimum performance.


Home textiles

Home textiles

Sensient inks turn creativity into productivity, personalizing your interior design with the finest details and turning your textile furniture coverings into works of art.