Water-based sublimation


Digital sublimation inks are used to decorate polyester fabrics and coated hard surfaces. Sublimation inks produce intense color with high fastness making them ideal for fashion, sports apparel, flag, banner and display printing amongst others.

As a pioneer in sublimation inks, Sensient has a suite of products to offer added value and performance whatever your application or printing system

Water-based reactive dye


Digital reactive dye inks are used for decorating cotton and cellulose fabrics such as viscose, rayon, linen plus silk and wool. Reactive dye printing produces intense color combined with excellent application fastness for fashion, bedding and other home textiles.

Sensient’s range of Xennia Amethyst reactive inks offer the ultimate performance in color combined with outstanding production reliability, fastness and compliance to textile standards.

UV cureable


Digital UV curing inks are designed to print a wide range of substrates with the benefit of instant drying. This allows high-speed printing of non-porous substrates with excellent print definition and detail.

Sensient has developed a range of functional UV curing inks designed to revolutionize production processes in industrial applications.


Water-based pigmented


Water-based digital pigment inks exist for a wide array of applications from textiles to flooring to graphics and emerging markets. Designed to give maximum performance in each application, pigment inks offer significant benefits to customers looking to add value to products and processes.

Sensient has a wide range of pigmented inks to offer customers the best performance in exacting markets. We are working novel pigmented inks with the potential to revolutionize existing, new and regulated markets.

Water-based acid dye


Digital acid dye inks enable high quality printing of synthetic fibers such as nylon (primarily polyamide) as well as natural materials like silk. Acid dye printing gives unparalleled performance in demanding applications such as fashion, swimwear and sports apparel.

Sensient’s Xennia Agate range of inks maximize performance on polyamide and nylon based materials whilst offering excellent color and control when printing silks.

Water-based disperse dye


Digital inks based on disperse dyes are used for printing polyester fabrics where deep color and optimum fastness are required.

As a pioneer in sustainable printing technologies, Sensient has developed water-based inks with disperse dyes to transform manufacturing processes by reducing water, energy and chemical use. These inks offer outstanding color and image brilliance with minimal environmental impact.


Edible inks


Digitally printing water based edible inks opens the possibility to personalize confectionary, snacks and baked goods. Carefully formulated inks can transform the presentation of any decorated product.

Sensient is a global leader in food colors and this, combined with our extensive inkjet expertise and excellent regulatory knowledge, means our edible inks offer high value and brand confidence.