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  • Digital textile printing today and in the future

    Exploring the current state of play in digital printing for textiles with a look at the future potential for the technology to expand into new application areas.

  • Cleaning up the textile industry

    Fresh water is fast becoming a finite resource and globally, conservation of water, alongside reducing the polluting impacts of large industry, are critical areas being discussed and addressed. 

  • Transforming industrial decoration

    An outline of the adoption of digital printing into industrial decoration applications. Looking at the influence of inks, hardware, software and process to get the maximum benefit from digital technologies.

  • Explaining pre and post processing for digital textile printing

    A look at the pre-treatment, printing and finishing steps required for different ink technologies used to digitally print textiles.

  • Digital textile printing using aqueous inks

    An overview of the inks and processed used to digitally decorate textiles with water based digital inks

  • Designing Inkjet Inks

    A review of the processes and testing requirements for creating digital inks

  • Selecting a textile ink

    How to choose the right digital ink for your fabric and process.

  • Printing onto 3D Objects

    Outlining the challenges of digital printing onto non-flat surfaces.

  • Digitally printing flooring and furnishing laminate

    Highlighting the possibilities for digital printing of lamination papers and the requirements for adopting inkjet printing.

  • Digitally Adding Value to Production Processes

    A look at how performance digital inks can contribute to a more efficient manufacturing process, with reference to etch resist technologies.

  • Printing edible inks

    White paper outlining the issues when printing food or food contact materials and the regulatory challenges involved.

  • Sustainable textile printing with inkjet

    Analysis of the impact digital printing is having on reducing the environmental impact of textile decoration with a focus on sublimation printing.