Sports goods

Sports Goods

Sports Apparel


Digital printing offers a unique way to add design flare to sports apparel. From cycle wear to soccer jerseys to beach and swimwear, inkjet offers the potential to design and customize sports clothing with incredible colors and eye-catching designs with outstanding quality and performance.

Sensient is uniquely placed to offer solutions to print houses of all sizes to meet their precise requirements. Offering inks specific to the application, Sensient ensures the best result in each case. Whether it is ink for high performance swimwear with high chlorine resistance or for printing sportswear where perspiration fastness is key, Sensient has a solution for all sports apparel applications.

Benefits of digital

  • Ability to create highly colored and detailed designs
  • Highly responsive processing
  • On demand printing to allow flexibility in production
  • Removal of unnecessary stocking of slow moving designs
  • Reduced pre and post processing requirements

ElvaJet S Series

ElvaJet S

For sublimation printing of polyester fabric and coated materials where only the finest detail and most vivid colors are acceptable, Sensient’s ElvaJet S Series inks are the perfect choice. Vivid colors combined with outstanding fastness and industrial production reliability ensure users of ElvaJet S Series inks see huge benefits in fashion, sportswear, home and flag textile printing.

ElvaJet Swift

ElvaJet Swift

ElvaJet Swift is the sublimation ink designed to meet all of your requirements. Outstanding color strength and tailored chemistry allows use of lightweight uncoated papers for a fast and efficient process. Optimized drying properties and ease of loading mean no compromise when delivering the very best in sublimation printing. ElvaJet Swift is the go to sublimation ink for all printers using Epson printhead technology.

Xennia Agate

Xennia Agate

Benefit from stand out color and unrivalled print performance thanks to the innovative chemistry of Sensient’s Xennia Agate inks. Developed to have the highest color concentration these inks allow you to benefit from the widest color gamut with reduced ink consumption when producing the highest quality printed polyamide, nylon and silk. Stand out fastness across a range of applications means selecting Agate can transform your business.