Household and Furnishing

Household and Furnishing

Home textiles


Home furnishing is in the midst of a renaissance with fashion as important in your home as in your clothing. Digital printing technology gives manufacturers the possibility to create elaborate and limited volume fabrics without unmanageable cost implications. Whether decorating bed linens, durable curtain fabrics or items such as towels and lampshades, Sensient’s reactive dye, pigment and sublimation inks allow fine quality, highly color stable and vivid designs to be created.

Benefits of digital sublimation printing

  • Creative freedom in design and color
  • Cost effective low volume printing
  • Maintenance of high fastness performance
  • Reduced pre and post processing requirements
  • Personalized printing in high detail with outstanding color

ElvaJet P Series

ElvaJet P

Delivering the very best in color and printing performance with an optimized process to ensure first class fastness properties, ElvaJet P Series products are the choice of pigment ink for multiple applications. These high performance water-based pigment inks let you reach new heights in industrial digital textile printing. Available for a range of industrial printing heads, P Series inks are the solution for pigment printing.

ElvaJet S Series

ElvaJet S

For sublimation printing of polyester fabric and coated materials where only the finest detail and most vivid colors are acceptable, Sensient’s ElvaJet S Series inks are the perfect choice. Vivid colors combined with outstanding fastness and industrial production reliability ensure users of ElvaJet S Series inks see huge benefits in fashion, sportswear, home and flag textile printing.

Xennia Amethyst

Xennia Amethyst

In high-end fashion and home textiles, turn your creativity into a production reality with bold colors and sharp detail. Sensient’s world leading Xennia Amethyst reactive dye inks for printing cotton, viscose, linen, rayon and silk offer outstanding color brilliance and pureness of shade combined with the best in fastness and application performance.