Fashion and Accessories

Fashion and Accessories

T-shirt and finished garment decoration


Digital printing direct to garment (DTG) has become established and is now a growing sector within the printed textiles market. Inkjet printing processes allow any design to be printed directly onto a finished garment as a one off or in multiples for the same cost. Advancements in software now mean many companies can offer “web to print” services allowing consumers to upload designs and receive a finished garment within days. The technology is dominated by, but not limited to, t-shirts with many outlets offering customization of denim, bags, caps and other apparel and accessories.

Sensient’s pigmented inks, specifically tested for DTG printers, offer producers more security in this fast moving market with reliable high quality printing, vibrant colors and optimized fastness.

Benefits of digital

  • Ability to create highly colored and detailed designs
  • Inks to allow printing of colored shirts with white under base
  • On demand printing to allow flexibility in production
  • Simple web to print workflow