Fashion and Accessories

Fashion and Accessories



Digital printing has huge potential within the growing market for personalized footwear. Be it a fully customized new pair of training, canvas or leather shoes or adding a personal touch to an existing pair, inkjet offers a route to add value. Inkjet printing processes can allow any design to be printed directly onto a finished shoe or during the manufacturing process, as a one off or in multiples for the same per piece cost.

The different materials used in the construction of a training shoe present a challenge, however Sensient has an ink for all textiles as well as for other widely used components like synthetic and natural leathers plus canvas, plastic and rubber. In each case, Sensient is aware of the strict performance requirements of the material and works with users to get the maximum benefit of digital printing.

Benefits of digital

  • Ability to create highly colored and detailed designs
  • Inks to allow printing of multiple materials
  • On demand printing to allow flexibility in production
  • Simple web to print workflow

ElvaJet Swift

ElvaJet Swift

ElvaJet Swift is the sublimation ink designed to meet all of your requirements. Outstanding color strength and tailored chemistry allows use of lightweight uncoated papers for a fast and efficient process. Optimized drying properties and ease of loading mean no compromise when delivering the very best in sublimation printing. ElvaJet Swift is the go to sublimation ink for all printers using Epson printhead technology.

ElvaJet S Series

ElvaJet S

For sublimation printing of polyester fabric and coated materials where only the finest detail and most vivid colors are acceptable, Sensient’s ElvaJet S Series inks are the perfect choice. Vivid colors combined with outstanding fastness and industrial production reliability ensure users of ElvaJet S Series inks see huge benefits in fashion, sportswear, home and flag textile printing.

ElvaJet P Series

ElvaJet P

Delivering the very best in color and printing performance with an optimized process to ensure first class fastness properties, ElvaJet P Series products are the choice of pigment ink for multiple applications. These high performance water-based pigment inks let you reach new heights in industrial digital textile printing. Available for a range of industrial printing heads, P Series inks are the solution for pigment printing.