Architecture and Construction

Architecture and Construction

Glass decoration


Glass decoration covers a range of diverse applications, all of which could benefit significantly from the adoption of digital printing technology. From architectural and appliance glass to the automotive industry, glass producers could take advantage of the ability to add tints, logos and decoration offered by digital printing. Traditional glass printing and decoration techniques can mean that short runs are uneconomical and lengthy, and offer limited flexibility to customize, making the introduction of new designs costly.

Sensient offers a range of services and solutions to allow digital glass decoration to be realized. The wide range of possible applications means that different requirements exist in different markets. Sensient’s flexible approach allows our partners to realize their specific standards.

Benefits of digital

  • Short set-up times and low set-up costs make short runs economical
  • Efficient make-ready process allows new designs to be introduced rapidly
  • A wider range of designs can be made available economically
  • Non-contact process means breakages are eliminated, delivering higher yield at lower cost
  • Ability to print onto variable height surfaces enables printing of textured and non-flat glass

SensiJet Garnet

SensiJet Garnet

SensiJet Garnet is a revolutionary ink designed to maximize speed and efficiency in coding markets. Offering excellent adhesion and durability when printed on non-porous substrates, Garnet ink is highly chemically resistant, allowing use in advanced processes. A UV curable ink that fixes with a simple flash bulb, Garnet can simplify and accelerate your printing.

ElvaJet S Series

ElvaJet S

For sublimation printing of polyester fabric and coated materials where only the finest detail and most vivid colors are acceptable, Sensient’s ElvaJet S Series inks are the perfect choice. Vivid colors combined with outstanding fastness and industrial production reliability ensure users of ElvaJet S Series inks see huge benefits in fashion, sportswear, home and flag textile printing.